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About Us


ORH Truck Solutions Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and industrial mining vehicles within Australia, designing some of the strongest and most reliable Service Trucks and Water Carts in the industry, at competitive prices, manufacturing in excess of 200 trucks per year.  At ORH Truck Solutions we strive to deliver complete customer satisfaction and protection. We achieve this through the continual improvement of the design, installation and service of our range. ORH Truck Solutions Pty Ltd has built a strong reputation based on its ability to create and produce effective solutions suited to every client’s requirements. We strive to deliver on budget, on time and to specification.

Our broad array of plant equipment currently serves a range of industries. This includes Construction and Mining,  Civil Works and Quarrying Sectors, and all local ventures. All vehicles come fitted with state of the art modules, utilising the best equipment available on the current market. Our vehicles are also built to comply with Australian manufacturing standards, mining specifications, and strict environmental and operator safety requirements.

At ORH Truck Solutions Pty Ltd we have continually evolved with our selection of equipment, ever increasing to meet clients needs and all current developments in regards to safety, parts and technology. ORH Truck Solutions Pty Ltd endeavours to tailor all industrial vehicles to suit each customers individual specifications. To further benefit our clients ORH Truck Solutions Pty Ltd comes complete with our own drafting department, which enables us to provide full comprehensive drawings for your approval upon manufacture.

We specialise in the manufacture of Mining and Industrial Equipment and providing only the best Support Services. ORH has built a reputation for its ability to produce effective solutions to every client’s requirement. This includes providing an extensive range of Mining, Waste Management, Construction, Civil, and Transportation vehicles. 

With the addition of our new division ORH Truck Sales now closes the gap when looking for Truck Sales Australia wide.  ORH stock a vast range of new and used truck makes, models and configurations, as well as trade-in options.  When you are searching for premium-quality trucks for sale in the country, do not hesitate to contact ORH Truck Solutions.

ORH Truck Solutions strive to deliver only the best service and communication during and after sales. We endeavour to understand and produce all our customers’ requirements and specifications.

All trucks are fitted with state of the art modules. We utilise the best equipment available. Our modules are built to comply with mining specs and environmental requirements, with operator safety paramount.

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