Diesel Trucks

Diesel Trucks

On-Site Refuelling Made Easy

At ORH Truck Solutions Pty Ltd our 4,500L, 12,000L & 14,000L Diesel Trucks are expertly designed to meet Australian & Mine Specification standards. But what makes them stand apart from the rest is our ability to customise your Diesel Truck to suit your individual requirements. Our ORH range  of Diesel Trucks come with an array of options, within a design that is simple & hassle-free to operate and maintain. 

Essential for On-Site Diesel Refuelling and Operations, our ORH range of Diesel Trucks are guaranteed to meet your field expectations and perform at a level far surpassing their affordable price tag.

The ORH range of Diesel Trucks are engineered for easy operation. Designed and manufactured to Mine Specification standards, feature a Bunded Pump & Reel Compartments, include a Bunded Tank with Inspection Opening and Level Windows for Full, Half and Empty.  We also ensure that all Pumps & Reels are protected from the weather, located in an enclosed and lockable compartment.

For more information regarding our range of ORH Diesel Trucks, or to request a free quote, please contact our office on (08) 9250 2250, or, contact a member of our Sales Team, featured on our ‘Get In Touch’ banner.

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