Front/Rear Loaders

Front/Rear Loaders

Waste Removal Vehicles Built to Tackle The Toughest Industrial Waste

Front Loaders are the heavy weights of the Industrial Waste Collection Industry, and at ORH Truck Solutions, the ORH FL25-FL30 Front Loaders we design & manufacture meet that description.

 ORH FL25-FL30 Front Loaders make easy work of the toughest of industrial waste, with superior strength, durability, reliability & safety.  The ORH FL25-FL30 Front Loaders are specifically designed to meet the physical and time demands of industrial waste collection routes. With high-packing forces, The ORH Front Loaders carry maximum payloads, meaning you can service more of your customers, before returning to empty your load. Not only designed for time efficiency, the ORH Front Loading operation system 

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