Trailers Built For Any Application

As one of the leading manufacturers of Mining and Civil machinery in Western Australia, we, at ORH Truck Solutions strive to delivery only the best, most affordable, yet premium quality Trailers. Whilst manufacturing our extensive range of Trailers, we ensure that even the most stringent standards for durability, safety & reliability are exceeded. Here at ORH Truck Solutions we understand how companies in the Agricultural, Industrial, Transport & Manufacturing sectors can benefit from adding a multipurpose Trailer to their fleet.

Tough, Safe, Reliable & Great Value

At ORH Truck Solutions we place customer satisfaction and safety as our upmost priority. As such, we design and manufacture Trailers according to our customer’s individual and unique specifications. If you wish, we can add additional features, such as LED Lights, Spare Wheel, Loading Ramps & Checker Plate Floors among many other available options.

  • When your turn to ORH Truck Solutions Pty Ltd, your can expect a Trailer that is suitable for Earthmoving, Construction, Agricultural & Mining applications. 
  • Prior to selling our Trailers, we carry out extensive testing to ensure optimum reliability & durability.
  • Our Trailers come complete with a warranty that extends to twelve months.
  • All Trailers are 100% Australian Made, and are therefore made to withstand the unforgiving environment and climates faced across Australia.
All of the ORH Trailers have been designed to cater to every site situation. With tank capacities able to be configured to suit every application, a range of products, from Oil, Diesel, Coolant, and Water may be carried. 

For more information regarding our range of ORH Trailers or to request a free quote, please contact our office on (08) 9250 2250 or contact a member of our Sales Team featured on our ‘Get In Touch’ banner.

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