Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum Trucks With a Difference!

Vacuum Trucks are a specific type of heavy duty vehicle designed for the suctioning of various liquids into the tank. Vacuum Trucks are changing the face of excavation in Australia thanks to their non-destructive methods.

Designed with practicality in mind, the ORH Truck Solutions range of Vacuum Trucks are used to suck liquids, slurry and sludge from a location, into it’s tank, allowing the liquid to be safely transported to another location. The ORH range of Vacuum Trucks are fitted with high pressure hoses and suction tubes, meaning they are capable of undertaking non-destructive excavation and vacuum clean-up. ORH Vacuum Trucks can also be used to empty tanks or bodies of liquid. This can include sewerage or septic tanks, water tanks and/or flooded areas.

At ORH Truck Solutions Pty Ltd our Vacuum Trucks are built here in Western Australia, from local materials suitable for extended use in Australia’s rough climate. Our Vacuum Trucks include hydraulic systems, pressure systems and tanks, all made from mild steel. By using mild steel we can ensure that our Vacuum Trucks are able to legally carry a full spoil tank and that no rusting will occur.

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