About This Product

High Quality Rear Loaders Designed & Manufactured in Australia. Featuring Large Hopper Volumes, Fast Bin Lifts and Low Body Profiles. Ideal for Councils & Waste Removalist’s.

In-House Spare Parts & Delivery
Custom Built Service & Support
Built to Australian Standards


Available Sizes: 6 - 11 Cubic Metres (Small to Medium)
120-1100L Bin Lifter
Hardox High Grade Steel
Energy Efficient Hydraulics
Load Sensing Pump
Large Hopper Capacity
Low Loading Height
Telescopic Ejection System
Fully Automatic Push Button Controls to Kerbside
PTO and Pump to Suit Transmission
Fire Extinguisher
Statutory/Safety Signage
Toolbox (550 x 220 x 220MM)
Broom and Shovel Rack
Reverse Flood Light
Rear Mounted LED Amber Beacon
Hopper & Lifter Work Light
Rubber Safety Shield to Sweep Panel
Temperature Oil Guage
Tailgate Safety Bar
Optional Equipment
Water Tank and/or Hand Washing Station
Dual Compactor Controls
Side Access Door
HRTV Camera TV System
Centralised Greasing for Packer
Extra Rotating Beacon
Strobe Beacon
Hopper Cover with PVC Curtain
Humpy Bin Brackets
Large Toolbox (600 x 500 x 400MM)
Spill Kit Box
Subframe (Japanese Vehicles Only)
3650KG Winch & Latches
Winch Interlock System OHS

Optional Extra's

Electric Retarder
Licencing and/or Registration

What Can We Guarantee?

Tough Builds Suited to Australia's Harsh Climate
Available Australia-Wide
Compatible With a Range of Truck Makes/Models
Commitment to Quality, Affordability & Durability

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