• New 2023 3500kg ATM

• 1 x 200lt Oil Tank

• 1 x 200lt Oil Tank

• 1 x 200lt Oil Tank

• 1 x 200lt Oil Tank

• 1 x 500lt Waste Oil Tank

• 20kg Grease pod with Grease Hose Reel

Module Specifications:

• Dual Axle Heavy Duty Service Trailer for Civil and Mine applications

• 7 Leaf Tandem Spring Suspension

• New 16 inc Landcruiser wheels White Sunraysia 16x7 stud) 6 stud Landcruiser wheels

• Tyre 225/75 R16 Commercial tyres, incl spare tyre mounted on front of draw bar

• Self-Bunded

• Primer Per - Coat for Corrosion Resistance

• 2 pack polyurethane Finish

• Bulk and Fast Fill Ports

• Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel

• Pressure / Vacuum Vent for tank ventilation

• Manhole for cleaning access

• Side Mounted Toolbox inc 30l spill Kit

• Fire Extinguisher Mounted LHS corner of trailer

• Safety Signage and Reflective Tape

• ADR Compliant LED Taillights on bumper and top of canopy

• LED Flashing Strobe Light

• LED number plate light

• 50mm Tow Ball Hitch

• 7 pin Trailer plug

• Mud flaps fitted


• Hopkins Electric Braking System

• Dual Axle with (4) Wheel Drum Brakes and Electric Brake Safe Unit

• 50mm SQ Axle 2250kg capacity each

• 5Ton Tandem Leaf Suspension


• No Air Compressor, Nitto Female fitting only to front of canopy.

• 1 x 1’’ Diaphragm Waste Pump

• 4 x Raasm 5:1 Oil Stud Pump

• 4 x 15mm Raasm oil spring rewind hose reel with nozzle and ball valve

• 19mm Raasm oil waste spring rewind hose reel with quick connect coupling.

• 1 x 20 x 15mm Air / Water retractable hose reel with nozzle

• Digital flow meters to clean oil hand control nozzles

• Air pressure regulator for air system

• Filter recovery box with quick connect connection.

• Graco 4-way evacuation valve for unloading waste oil

• Quick connect waste coupling to waste oil reel

• 2’’ Bulk fill cam locks

• Dip stick level to all tanks with

• LED 27W Lighting inside cabinet

Additional Features:

• Spare Wheel

• 4 x Wheel Chocks mounted on trailer, 2 per side

• wheel nut indicators

• Water Reservoir for Hand Washing

• Mine Spec inclusion Emergency stop, Battery isolator, Start / Stop isolator.

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