Hook Lifts

Hook Lifts

Introducing ORH Truck Solutions Hook Lifts!

At ORH Truck Solutions we build a range of Hook Lift Modules, including an Articulated Goose Neck, Hydra Tarp System, High Pressure Water Cleaner and a customisable Toolbox (if required). All ORH Hook Lift Modules are fitted with convenient In-Cab Control and Warning Lights to comply with Australian Safety Standards.

By using the right size Hook Lift your vehicle can be used as a multipurpose unit and by utilising different Trays, Bins or even Hook-Enabled Equipment they fast become an extremely economical way to maximize the efficiency of your vehicle fleet. 

ORH Truck Solutions IT & ITK series Hook Lift’s feature a robust Sliding Jib design complete with External Hydraulic Locking. Manufactured from Domex 420 and Weldox 700 with Heavy Duty Cylinders, ORH IT & ITK Hooklifts are fully compliant with relevant Australian Codes. They feature an Interlock for the Hydraulic Bin Locks and a Dump Valve to blow off excess pressure when the arm comes to rest on the chassis. This softens the operation of the machine and eliminates stress on the cylinders and thumping of the frame into the bed of the truck. The “Bin Easy” Alignment System slows the hook down on bin approach to make it easier for the driver to attach the bin to the hook. The machine operates solely with Hydraulic Fail-Safes, eliminating the common Electric Sensor failures which cause frequent down-time issues. Bolt-On Hooks and Bolt-On Container Guide Wear Plates can be conveniently replaced at truck service intervals. With a full range of sizes from 1 to 30 tonne and optional extras such as BoB Easy Remote Hand Controls, two speed upgrades and Hydraulic Stabilisers, you can be sure we can accommodate any fleet requirements, nationwide.

For more information regarding our range of ORH Hooklifts, or to request a free quote, please contact our office on (08) 9250 2250, or contact a member of our Sales Team, featured on our ‘Get In Touch’ banner.

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